Rioters vandalise Police station, injure officers, release 27 suspects

juvenile justice prison
juvenile justice prison

Police say 27 suspects have been unlawfully released from police custody after an angry mob vandalised and ravaged Lukulu Police station during a riot.


The riots are in the wake of a report that a suspect linked to Karavina activities in the area had died in police custody shortly after being picked up for unlawful possession of an AK 47 rifle on Saturday.


Police Spokesperson Charity Munganga who confirmed the news to ZNBC News said three police officers have sustained serious injuries in the process of arresting the riotous action.


She says the suspect identified as Mubika Nyanga 36, of Chimbanda area was picked up by police after a tip off from the public but got injured when he jumped out of the police vehicle in an attempt to escape.


She adds that Nyanga was later taken to Lukulu District hospital by police where he died.


Ms Munganga says some residents of Lukulu who got wind of the information turned their anger against police, looting, vandalising and breaking locks to the cells holding the 27 suspects who included remandees.


She has since warned of stern action against people engaged in riotous behaviour.


Ms Munganga says the police have mobilised enforcement from the mobile units to monitor the situation in Lukulu.