Kabimba’s fraud claims ‘are sour grapes’-PF

Wynter M. Kabimba, ODS, SC
Wynter M. Kabimba, ODS, SC

THE Patriotic Front Legal team has notes with sadness and dismay that Former Minister of Justice and Secretary General of the Party has chosen to misrepresent facts surrounding the enactment of the Republican Constitution.
The Patriotic Front notes that Mr. Winter KABIMBA was Minister of Justice driving the Process of the Constitution until he was replaced by the Republican president Edgar Lunga.
The teith ofbthr matter is that Mr. KABIMBA has failed to adequately address the issues of the delay in giving the people of Zambia a people driven constitution they wanted. He has nothig to show that the constitution was doctored.
Civil society organisations and I literal parties will also remember that they were always appealing to Mr. KABIMBA as Minister of justice to disclose the contents of the draft constitution bit he did not do so.
The constitution was adequately debated by all he members of parliament and a vote was passed I favour of passion get the bill into law. Zambians of all walks of life are aware that President Lungu promised them a people driven constitution they had been crying for.
It is therefore not proper for him to now say the contents of the constitution were doctored because he did not give the people of Zambia an opportunity to look at the draft constitution when it was in his custody.
In fact if there is any doctoring it should have been done by Mr. KABIMBA himself because he was the custodian of the draft Constitution and he was the one in charge of the process.
The Patriotic Front would like to remind Mr. KABIMBA that he was on Oath and acted in re spirit of collective responsibility and that as State Counsel he should be fully aware that depending on the interpretation of the law he may face arrest for breaching the Oath of secrecy and for giving false information to the public .
We find the sentiments attributed to Mr. KABIMBA as acts of sour grapes and utter insincerity. Mr. KABIMBA as a citizen and state Counsel is free to criticise Government bu.t must be v ery honest in his criticism as he is not expected to mislead the public.
We therefore urge Mr. Kabimba to apologise to the people of Zambia for having failed to deliver a people driven constitution when he was minister of Justice.
The people of Zambia of all walks of life are in fact very happy with President Lungu for the brave decision to give them a people driven Constitution.
Those criticising it must take time to read it before making any attacks on the Head of State.
AT Lusaka this 11th day of January the year of our Lord 2016