Hakainde Hichilema
t is unfortunate that some politicians have continued starving Zambians with important information regarding their respective political parties. This is evidenced by UNPD leader Hakainde Hichilema’s failure to address the people yesterday when he featured on the Hot FM’s special program.
Mr. Hichilema failed to provide the necessary information that is important to the Zambian people but has instead continued to attack the current government baseless. He failed to provide leadership and solutions on the current challenges facing our country but instead continued with the politics as usual mentality of just attacking for the sake of it.
Much as I appreciate that Zambia is currently facing challenges both social and economical, it is not an excuse for the UNPD president to encourage Zambians to become swindlers by telling them to get money from the PF and ask them to vote for the UPND instead. The people of Zambia are looking for quality leadership that will govern the country in a corrupt free manner and ensure that peace and unity is promoted in the interest of one Zambia one Nation.
As someone vying for the highest office in the land, Mr. Hichilema should stop encouraging Zambians to be corrupt in their dealings as that is tantamount to promoting corruption and electoral malpractice in the nation especially that the country will soon be going to the polls. Mr. Hichilema should also not mislead Zambians by claiming that only an economist like him can be trusted with the running of the country’s affairs.
I want to remind Mr. Hichilema and indeed other politicians that what the Zambian people are looking for are solutions and not mere rhetoric and the blame games which have continued among politicians. Mr. Hichilema accused President Edgar Lungu of having failed the Zambian people especially on the constitution making process. I find it strange that Mr. Hichilema has seen everything wrong with the just amended constitution which has the clauses that he himself wanted in the first place such as the 50+1 and presidential running mate among others.
Much as we may not be completely happy with what has been done so far regarding the constitution, I believe that there is need to give credit where it is due. It is highly unfair for Mr. Hichilema to claim that no positive result has yielded from the constitution making process. Politicians should realise that mere politicking and condemning government alone will not help address the challenges being faced in the country.
I want to end by urging all political party leaders to desist from issuing hurtful statements and be truthful as they engage the electorate ahead of this year’s tripartite elections. If the opposition feels that president Edgar Lungu and the PF government have failed to run the affairs of the nation, it is only wise that they are seen to be providing solutions instead of merely criticizing. I therefore challenge the political parties to tell the Zambian people what they will do for our country.
David Kapoma