Chirundu wife dares to have sex with any man

Court divorce 2014
Court divorce 2014

A CHIRUNDU man has narrated how his wife told him she would go and have sexual intercourse with any man on Christmas eve no matter what it took.

In a divorce case heard before Senior Court Magistrates Miyanda Banda and Dennis Mpundu, Newton Mukula, 35, said Esther Tembo, 31, also residing in Chirundu left their matrimonial home only to return the next day.
“Tembo even asked me to bet on whether she could not go out on the eve to have sex with any man she would meet that night before leaving,”he said.
Mukula told the court that he married Tembo in 2009 after paying bride price for her hand in marriage.The couple has two children together.He said his marriage with Tembo has been full of marital disputes from the time they got married.

“When at times I would come home late around 23:00 hours, Tembo would take a chamber full of urine and pour it on me and later make me sleep outside the house. She has burnt my clothes on three occasions and broke our three vehicles just because I came home late,”he said.
Mukula said Tembo has a boyfriend by the name of Mususu who has contributed to the many problems they have had in their marriage.
“Tembo would always compare him to me and at times tell me that I was not man enough for her.She would tell me that she had met with real circumcised me who would sexually satisfy her,”he said.

Mukula told the court that Tembo would go to the extent of calling Mususu put him on loud speaker and talk to him romantically.
“We have sat down as families on many occasions to solve our marital problems. Even pastors have tried to help us through prayers and counselling but to no avail, I want a divorce because I’m tired of this marriage,”he said.

However, Tembo denied all the allegations and pleaded with the court to save her marriage because she loved Mukula very much. She admitted having burnt his clothes and breaking his vehicles.
The court adjourned the case to December 8, 2016.

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