Zesco Tariffs : PF Government Inconsistent Policy Position – Munali Aspiring MP

Edgar Lungu
President Edgar Lungu \

The repeated changes in government policies in Zambia have posed a number of threats to the country’s development economically and socio politically. We have all been key eye witnesses to a lot of twits in government policy from the time that PF came to power. It is totally very worrying that the PF government has been making policy decisions without enough stakeholder consultation.

PF government while in opposition and even after getting into power promised that they would increase their stake in the mining companies but today Zambians are being told it is not government policy. We were promised windfall tax but again there was a U-turn on this particular matter. Subsidies were removed without stakeholder consultation. Several SI’s were introduced in a bid to police the weak Kwacha and were reversed. The most recent being the Zesco tariffs.

It is such policy inconsistency that has among other factors defaced our economic and social outlook. Maintaining foreign investors’ confidence in the economy is very cardinal to the positive economic outlook of the economy and the fight against poverty.


There is therefore, urgent need to address this inconsistency and assure markets that there is no policy shift so that their strategic plans and prospects are not upset. As the country goes to the polls, the temptation is high for government to make decisions based on electioneering rather than national interest.

I wish to appeal to the government to make decisions that will benefit the whole nation rather than win an election and hurt the future.


The Recent reversal of the policy position regards Zesco Tariffs should act as a lesson that before policy decisions are made it is very important to carry out enough stakeholder consultation. As a nation, let’s be very systematic and constituent in our policy pronouncements and implementation.

Allan Morgan Sakala

Munali Aspiring MP-2016