The Police Officer who caused Kafue riots arrested

Remains of a fire tender
Remains of a fire tender gutted to. Ashes by riot Kafue Residents - Credit Gilbert Mwesha

The Police Officer who caused a riot in Kafue’s Zambia Compound after he knocked down a marketeer has been arrested while the Inspector General of Police, Kakoma Kanganja has berated the community for damaging two police posts in the area and private property.

Police Spokesperson Charity Chanda confirmed the arrest of the Police Officer who has since been bonded.

And Mr Kanganja disclosed that the violence which happened in Kafue was not a mere accident, but was politically motivated.

He said this when he visited the two Police posts Lumumba and Mtendere which were damaged and burnt.

Mr Kanganja who was in an emotional state after he saw the new face of Lumumba Police Post expressed disappointment with the residents for taking the law in their hands instead of following the right and meaningful procedures when they were aggrieved.

“When you are aggrieved report the matter to the police or to the DC than burning and damaging the Police Post and people’s cars, what did these cars do to you? This Police station was meant to protect you people,’’ he said.

And some residents of Mtendere Police Post area appealed to Mr Kanganja to help them construct a new police post.

One of the residents alleged that it was not the people from that area who damaged the Police Post but those from Lumumba Police Post.

She said the thugs would take an advantage of the innocent people due to the absence of the Police Post adding that they would be so much crime in the area.

But Mr Kanganja retorted in Nyanja; “Mwabapisha bakapokola, mwaononga na Police post manje ine nizachitachani”.

“You have chased the Police Officers and you have also damaged the Police Post, what do you expect me to do? ”.

The residents told Mr Kanganja that all they wanted was to bring back their Police Post in fear of high crime levels in the area and that they were ready to donate money for the rehabilitation of the Police Post as their lives were at risk.

And Mr Kanganja has assured the accident victim identified as Ireen Kaluba  that the law would take its course against the Police Officer who knocked her down.

He said this when he visited the victim at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH).

Mr Kanganja said the police would visit all the people who breached the law.

He said the 35 suspects (30 male and five female )who were arrested during the riot in Kafue have been formally charged with riotous behaviour and Arson and would appear in court tomorrow.

Police on Friday arrested 35 suspects during a riot where a man was shot dead in Kafue’s Zambia Compound after a mob burnt a fire tender and two police posts in protest against the knocking down of a marketeer a police officer.

The rowdy crowd also burnt eight motor vehicles that were parked at Lumumba and Mtendere police posts when the officer in question ran to the police station in fear of the mob.

Photo Credit Gilbert Mwesha