Army commander orders demolition of structures on military land

LIEUTENANT General Paul Mihova, the Zambia Army Commander
LIEUTENANT General Paul Mihova, the Zambia Army Commander

ZAMBIA Army Commander Paul Mihova has ordered the demolition of structures in Choma that have been built on a land earmarked for various military projects.
The Army chief ordered the structures be razed today.
Lieutenant-General Mihova said land invasion, especially on sites meant for the military would not be condoned.
“We can’t tolerate this behaviour, it’s an act of indiscipline on whoever is doing this. How do you start digging foundations on land which doesn’t belong to you? This piece of land belongs to the Zambia Army, we need to stop this encroachment immediately. By Monday (today), all these foundations should be covered,” Gen Mihova said.
Gen Mihova was in Choma, Southern Province, leading a team of senior army officers to inspect a piece of land earmarked for the construction of army staff office complex.
He warned that land encroachments, particularly on army spaces, would not be tolerated.
Gen Mihova was disappointed that unknown people were building houses and other structures on the piece of land.
At the time of the tour, the Army commander discovered that some people had dug foundations to start building houses and other infrastructure.
The piece of land is located adjacent to the new six-storey Southern Province administration complex under construction at the old Choma airstrip.
Gen Mihova directed the officers at the Zambia Army Choma provincial office to work hand-in-hand with their Zambia National Service counterparts to bury the foundations with an excavator.
He warned that land encroachment should not be condoned in the country.
Gen Mihova also hailed the Government for giving the Zambia Army a piece of land to construct the office complex.