ZAWA abolished

Zambia Wildlife Authority ZAWA
Zambia Wildlife Authority ZAWA

Government has finally abolished the Zambia Wildlife Authority -ZAWA- and has reverted staff to the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Services.

Tourism and Arts Deputy Minister Patrick Ngoma announced the change in Livingstone last evening at the former ZAWA gala dinner.

Mr. Ngoma said government has retained the entire management staff of the former ZAWA because it has demonstrated exemplary performance especially in clearing the huge financial obligation backlog and reducing poaching of elephants.

The Deputy Minister said government has since abolished the ZAWA board.

Mr Ngoma said government has shown its will to support the new department by increasing salaries for its staff to prevent them from engaging in corrupt activities.

And National Parks and Wildlife Services Director Kampamba Kombe said the wildlife sector has suffered a serious decline of animal population mainly due to poaching, under-budgeting and unsatisfactory management over the years.

Mr. Kombe said the wildlife sector has the potential to greatly contribute to the national economy and has pledged that the new good practices in the management of wildlife will be carried on under the Department of National Parks and Wildlife.