Police nab 26 over plot encroachment

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

POLICE in Lusaka have arrested 26 suspects in connection with illegal land transactions, an activity that culminated into two people being murdered in Lusaka West.
Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja said 16 other people were charged with conduct likely to cause a breach of the peace after they were found burning tyres and throwing stones at motorists.
Mr Kanganja said in a statement issued in Lusaka yesterday that investigations will continue to ensure all those involved are brought to book.
“Police has moved in to provide security and protection to the citizens of Lusaka West who had title to the land which eventually necessitated the demolition,” Mr Kanganja said.
He said the operation is on-going and that officers will remain on the ground to provide security to the legal owners of the land.
“We will not condone encroachment on legally owned land. Further, we will not sit back and watch criminals taking the law into their hands but will make sure that perpetrators are arrested and taken to court,” Mr Kanganja said.
The IG appealed to all Zambians to support the police in maintaining law and order by reporting all those involved in the illegal practice.
Mr Kanganja said the police have received numerous complaints of illegal land invasions, which have cost two lives.
He said another victim was buried alive up to the neck, a couple beaten while another family was chased by the encroachers who later occupied their house.
Mr Kanganja said the latest incident involved one of the victims being locked up in her house for two days while her land was being shared and sold.