Chiluba’s son sues to recover property

Frederick Jacob Titus CHILUBA
Frederick Jacob Titus CHILUBA

Late Republican President Frederick Chiluba’s son Mikoyani Chiluba has sued Roma Properties Limited for resisting to return property allegedly purchased at US$100, 000 from a Mr. Geoffrey Mee.

Mr Chiluba, through his lawyer Sakwiba Sikota, has sued Roma Properties Limited in the Lusaka High Court and seeks the court’s indulgence for an order for the agency to return his property known as No. 441A/236 situated in Lusaka.
He also seeks in the alternative an order for a declaration that the agent holds the said property as his constructive trustee.
Mr Chiluba further seeks for costs and any other reliefs that the court may deem fit.
According to his statement of claim, on October 31, 2011, his father the late Dr Chiluba purchased a house from Mr Mee at a price of US$100, 000 using Roma Properties Limited as an agent.
He disclosed that despite the foregoing, Roma Properties was resisting to return the said property to him and instead asserted the right of ownership devoid of any trusteeship.
The defendant, Roma Properties Limited, is a private company incorporated under the Companies Act of the laws of Zambia.