29 electrocuted this year – Kapata


A TOTAL of 29 people were this year electrocuted as a result of trying to illegally connect power supply to structures from electric power lines.

Zesco spokesperson Henry Kapata said the latest incident involves a 30-year-old man of Lusaka’s Linda Township who was electrocuted on Tuesday night after he tried to illegally connect power.
Mr Kapata said in an interview yesterday that the victim identified as Clive Kizela was electrocuted around 19:00 hours after trying to extend an electrical line tapped from the Zesco main line to another structure within his residential premises.
“I want to confirm that there was an electrocution in Linda compound.
“This is a typical example of illegal extensions where customers put up illegal extensions of power to other structures within their yards or premises without consulting Zesco for meter separation so that professional technical work can be done,” he said.
Mr Kapata said Mr Kizela came in contact with a live electric wire and died on the spot in his house.
He said it is unfortunate that lives have been lost through electrocution when it is avoidable and that there is need for co-operation between Zesco and its customers to avoid such unfortunate incidents emanating from failure to follow procedure.
“We would like to urge our customers to at all times seek meter separation whenever they want to extend power to other new structures separate from the main house or structure to an auxiliary structure,” Mr Kapata said.