My ex-wife nearly killed me by squeezing my sacred parts

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A 40-YEAR-OLD man of Chingola has told the Chingola Magistrate’s Court that his former wife nearly killed him by squeezing his sacred parts after he refused to reconcile with her.
Morgan Chingabwele of 30 Masomo Street, Chiwempala, was testifying before senior resident magistrate Davies Chibwili in a case in which he is facing one count of assault.
It is alleged that Chingabwele assaulted Beauty Chabu occasioning her actual bodily harm on November 10 this year in Chingola.
Appearing for defence, Chingabwele told the court that Ms Chabu wanted the couple to reconcile, but he refused.
He said this did not please his wife, who went to his house to insult him.
The court heard that Ms Chabu called Chingabwele and asked if she could spend a night at his house because she was stranded.
“I refused because we are divorced and I explained to her that she cannot sleep at my house because she is no longer my wife,” he said.
The court heard that Ms Chabu suspected that Chingabwele had married another woman.
“She called me asking if we can get back together and after I refused, she came to my house and started hitting the door with a stone while insulting me. She thought I was with another woman, so she entered the house and started searching.
“After that, I tried to drag her out of my house but her sister held my hands while Ms Chabu pulled my private parts,” he said.
Chingabwele told the court that he felt a lot of pain, which forced him to retaliate and assault Ms Chabu as he tried to defend himself.
“Your honour, I felt pain. My landlord came to my rescue and I ran away. She damaged my radio and locked my house,” he said.
Mr Chibwili adjourned the matter to December 22 for judgment.