Police nab woman over son’s murder


POLICE in Lusaka have arrested a woman of Kamwala South for allegedly killing her nine-year-old son.

Amaka Obikey, who has been detained at Kabwata Police Station, allegedly murdered Ekene Obikey by beating him and later tying his hands and legs as punishment for picking up pieces of unknown material from a dustbin.

According to Lusaka Province commissioner Charity Katanga, the incident happened on Wednesday afternoon when Ekene allegedly incensed his mother, who then beat him and tied his hands and legs before she briefly left the house.

“The incident happened around 17:30 hours at an unknown plot number in Kamwala South in which a female by the name of Amaka Obikey aged 28 is reported to have tied hands and legs for her son a male juvenile, Ekene Obikey, aged nine, with an electric cable and wire,” Katanga explained.

“The boy was left tied in the house alone while the mother went away with a friend and by the time she came back, the boy was dead and foaming at the mouth. There were black spots on the boy’s left arm due to the tying of the wire. An unknown whip is alleged to have been used. The mother is detained at Kabwata Police, and there is evidence that she must have led to the death of her child, so she is detained for murder.”

Ekene’s body is in UTH mortuary.