Mother-in-law checks on son’s sex life

Divorce Court

“MY MOTHER-IN-LAW has made me miserable in my own home because she is always hurling insults at me for not sexually satisfying her son,” narrated a Lusaka housewife in Chilenje local court.
Agness Sakala, 22, of Katoba area said she could not tolerate her mother-in-law Winnie Mwanza’s behaviour as it is taboo and morally unacceptable for her to be interested in her married son’s sex life.
Appearing before senior court magistrate Sharon Sichone was Sakala, who had sued her mother-in-law Mwanza for compensation for insults.
“This woman likes telling me that I fail to sexually satisfy her son and that is why he is abusive towards me. She calls me a prostitute and always joins in to defend her son when we are fighting. Mwanza is the reason my husband no longer respects or listens to me,” she complained.
She said Mwanza was also accusing her of using charms on her son.
But Mwanza told the court Sakala told her she was fed up of the marriage because of her husband (Mwanza’s son) insatiable appetite for sex.
“I told Sakala that marriage is sex and that is the reason why she got married to my son. She also confessed to me that she has charmed my son and emasculated him so that she can do what she wants,” she said.
Mwanza said her 27-year-old son’s life was in danger because Sakala liked beating him.
However, the court in passing judgment castigated Mwanza for interfering in her son’s marriage by demanding to know her son’s sex life.
The court issued a restraining order against Mwanza and warned her of stern action if she continued interfering in Sakala’s marriage.