Man drags own mother to court over property

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

THE Chilenje Local Court has castigated a Lusaka man for dragging his mother to court for allegedly failing to administer his late father’s property.

Before senior court magistrate Sharon Sichone was Pearson Nyirenda, who had sued his mother, Catherine Nyirenda, for revocation of administratorship.
Pearson complained that his mother, Catherine, has not been involving him and his siblings in the administration of their late father’s property.
“Our mother does not tell us how she uses money for rentals from the family house. As a beneficiary, I have a right to know what is happening to my late father’s property,” he said.
Pearson also said his mother has been failing to maintain the house despite getting rentals.
“She gets K2,600 for rentals and she uses that money to pay for a house she is renting for herself and food. However, I do not know what she does with the rest of the money,” he said.
Catherine complained that Pearson had made her life hell over his late father’s estate.
“I have 12 children and Pearson is my fifth born. He has made my life miserable. He always insults me and demands to have his share over his father’s property,” she said.
However, when the court asked his siblings whether they were also against their mother being administrator of their late father’s estate, they all answered in the negative.
Passing judgment, the court rebuked Pearson for troubling his mother over the property her husband left and instead advised him to work hard and acquire his own property because he is an adult.
The court dismissed the claim.