Lungu deserves third term – Chama

Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Davies Chama
Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Davies Chama

DAVIES Chama says President Edgar Lungu deserves a third term because he is responsible and hard working.

And Chama says President Lungu is a very strong person who resisted the pressure to fire him over remarks he (Chama) made about Tongas earlier this year.

Meanwhile, the PF secretary general says the President feels hurt by the condemnation that people are throwing at him over his recent press conference.

Addressing PF supporters in Choma on Thursday, Chama said the ruling party would have loved to change the Republican Constitution to allow President Lungu contest the 2021 general elections.

“If I have my powers, we can even change the constitution in 2021 so that he goes for another term. And we have no apologies to make for this statement, if that is an insult, let it be recorded or whether it is another controversy, we don’t fear controversy. If you go to Rwanda, despite genocide which was there, today they are the fastest-growing economy in Africa because they have a president who is responsible and working hard. When you see that a president is working hard, keep, protect and support him wholeheartedly,” Chama said.

He also praised President Lungu for not firing him despite the pressure the Head of State received from the Tonga people.

“President Lungu is the strongest person I have ever met in my lifetime because ine ngabali kolopa kale (I would have been mopped out already). You remember the problems I brought to the President and the party about the Tonga issue? Although I didn’t do it, the media was bombarding and the President was under pressure, but he is such a strong person,” Chama said, amid cheers from his supporters.

Early this year, Chama said Tongas would never rule the country, unless maybe in 100 years time if they multiply themselves since they were polygamous by nature, a statement that received condemnation from southerners as well as other citizens.

And Chama revealed that Zambians are hurting President Lungu over their complaints about the press conference he held recently.

“When the President was holding a press conference, he told me one thing that, ‘Ba Chama I don’t understand this culture that has developed within our system…. People are hurting me. That press conference, I have not fired anybody. Should it be about firing people every time the President is holding a press conference?’” he quoted Lungu as saying.

Chama said President Lungu deliberately did not want to fire people at the press conference because he wanted to promote reconciliation in the country regardless of where one came from and which party they belonged to.

And Chama said people in the compounds are living happily because they have nothing.

“The most people who are happy are those living in shanty compounds who don’t have anything because us who are living comfortable lives, ifwe natunaka kuyalalafye (we just go to sleep) because we are tired,” said Chama.



  1. This third term issue. Learn from other couuntries what it has done. If you learn you stop talking about it.

  2. noti ifwo third term nafuti? ? has the law changed to third term? ?😕😕😕