Husband sends wife to have sex with other men

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A HOUSEWIFE told a Local Court in Lusaka that her husband told her to have sex with other men on the street although she did not deny him sex.

Violet Chilemu,21. of Makeni was testifying in case in which her husband, Lobby Chilemu, 29, a taxi driver sued her for divorce.
The two got married in 2009 and they have two children.
Lobby told Senior Court Magistrate Ackim Phiri sitting with Magistrates Sarah Nyendwa and Daniel Phiri at Kanyama Local Court that all was well until 2012 when Violet started denying him sex by sleeping in underwear and bra.
He explained that he took Violet to different marriage counsellors but nothing worked out and that a week ago his in-laws got her with her belongings.
Lobby said that he was upset by Violet’s remarks that he was a man who did not know how to make love.
In defence, Violet wondered how she has children with Chilemu if she denied him sex and that at times she was prompted to say that because Chilemu always told her to go and have sex with other men on the street.
Magistrate Ackim Phiri granted the couple divorce ordering Chilemu to compensate Violet K3000 with initial payment of K1000 followed by monthly instalments of K300 and to be paying children maintenance fee of K400 per month. Property acquired together to be shared equally.