Prisoner slapped with 25 years for sodomising fellow inmate

Jail Cell prison arrest
Jail Cell prison arrest

THE Kasama High Court has sentenced a 27-year-old prisoner of Milima State Prison to 25 years imprisonment with hard labour for sodomising a fellow inmate.
Ms Justice Yvonne Chembe sent John Mulenga to prison after finding him guilty of sodomy.
Particulars of the offence are that on May 22 this year Mulenga had carnal knowledge of a 20-year-old fellow inmate against the order of nature in Kasama.
Ms Justice Chembe noted that Mulenga had been charged with a serious offence which carried a minimum sentence of 25 years.
Defence counsel from the Legal Aid Board Keith Katazo begged the court to be lenient with Mulenga because he was youthful and capable of reforming if given a second chance.
“I have heard what counsel has pleaded on your behalf. But my hands are tied as this offence carries a minimum of 25 years. I accordingly sentence you to 25 years imprisonment with hard labour with effect from December 7, 2015,” Ms Justice Chembe said.
She granted Mulenga leave to appeal to the Supreme Court within 14 days if he did not agree with the sentence.
During trial, the victim told the court that he was sleeping in the same bed with Mulenga when around 01:00 hours, whilst in deep sleep, he felt Mulenga sexually assault him from behind.
Mazimba told the court that when he woke up from his sleep, he shoved Mulenga off and immediately reported the matter to the cell captain.
The court heard that the victim was taken to the prison clinic where he was examined and the report indicated that his anus had signs of having been sexually violated.
Mulenga was then arrested and charged with sodomy.
But Mulenga denied the charge alleging that he had been falsely accused