UPND accuses PF of hiring Israelis to rig elections


THE United Party for National Development (UPND) has continued with its allegations that the 2016 general elections will be rigged with the latest claims being that the Patriotic Front (PF) has hired Israelis to help the ruling party rig the elections next year.

But the PF has rubbished the assertion describing the allegation by the UPND as a desperate measure aimed at refusing to accept defeat so as to cause anarchy and make the country could become ungovernable after the general elections.
PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri said the PF did not need to hire the Israelis to help the ruling party win the general elections next year because President Edgar Lungu was the best presidential candidate among the presidential contenders.
UPND Kalomo member of Parliament Request Muntanga yesterday claimed that Government had allegedly brought into the country a team of Israeli elections experts who have since been dispatched to Western, North-Western and Eastern provinces where he said were reports of foreigners there being registered as voters.
Mr Muntanga said the UPND had been following the said Israelis wherever they had been and warned that the UPND was not going to accept the results of the elections next year because according to him, they would be rigged.
He alleged that the PF had commenced prallel voter registration and that the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) was oblivious to the fraudulent exercise.
Mr Muntanga said the UPND was aware of the rigging scheme and was ready to thwart any
attempts to make the 2016 general elections less than transparent.
“We are aware that the PF is scheming to rig the elections next year and they have brought into the country a team of Israelis who have since been dispatched to Western, North-Western and Eastern Provinces. We have followed them and we know where they are and what they are doing. So let the PF stop this because we are not going to accept and if there shall be chaos, the PF would have to blame. We do not want chaos and I am telling you we know what is happening and we are on top of things,” Mr Muntanga said.
But Mrs Mumbi said the PF was unstoppable and was heading for victory without engaging in any form of electoral fraudulency.
She said it was not true that the PF had hired the Israelis to come and rig the elections next year and that the UPND claims of rigging were not new because the opposition political party was preparing for its worst defeat.
Mrs Mumbi said the UPND was creating reasons to refuse to accept defeat but that the PF was not going to allow the country to slide into lawlessness on account of the UPND wanting to win the general elections at all costs.
“We have not hired anyone to help us win the elections next year and the UPND is dead worried about losing the elections that they are inventing reasons to refuse to accept defeat. President Lungu remains the best candidate among all the presidential candidate and we are going to win because Zambians believe in the PF,” Mrs Mumbi said.



  1. I really do not understand what UPND want in life. Everything you cry. If you are a serious party why not work hard like MMD did under Chiluba and won against UNIP. Only children in politics cry. Learn from the late President Sata who kept on trying and eventually won. One thing is clear UPND will not get the presidency on a golden silver plate but must show leadership and maturity. How can I waste my vote on people who never see anything good in the country they want to lead. How can you as a party be celebrating when jobs are lost in the mines forgetting that its the same citizens your celebrating over whom you wants to get votes from. No politician is indispensable but maturity is needed. Babies will always cry and I see who are political babies. Lets give them time to mature.