Kabwe hospital mortuary cooler breaks down

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Government is working flat out to repair the two compressors at Kabwe General Hospital mortuary damaged by a suspected electric fault about a week ago.

Following the damage, Kabwe Municipal Council staff decided to bury about 15 unclaimed bodies as the temperature of the crippled mortuary freezer was drastically reduced, forcing authorities to encourage bereaved families not to keep bodies longer than necessary in the mortuary.
Kabwe district commissioner Patrick Chishala said on Tuesday that Government was aware of the problem and was working flat out to repair the broken down machines.
He said that engineers were on site to handle the repairs and assured Kabwe residents that the mortuary will soon be functioning at full capacity.
“As I speak, arrangements have been made to see to it that the problem is sorted out and when I say ‘being sorted out’ I mean that administratively things have been put in place.
‘‘Engineers are on the ground and soon the morgue will be reinstated,” said Mr Chishala in an interview with KNC radio.
Some mourners found at the mortuary complained that they were being asked to ferry their dead to the fee-paying morgue at Kabwe Mine hospital or quicken their burial programes, a move they said was a big challenge to many of them.
Asked to state the cost of the damaged compressors, Kabwe General Hospital medical superintendent George Chipulu declined to comment nor say when he expected repairs to be completed.
“To begin with, why are you asking me about a problem that occurred last week? I cannot say anything; if there is a comment you can get in touch with the provincial medical officer,” said Dr. Chipulu.