FDD dares police


“WE will go ahead with the protest against an increase in electricity tariffs and no amount of intimidation from the police will stop us, says Copperbelt Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) chairperson Yotam Mtayachalo.

But the Police have warned that they would not allow protests which would not conform to the Public Order Act.
Mr Mtayachalo accused the police of abusing the Public Order Act by failing to accommodate the opposition political parties whenever they wanted to express their views.
He cautioned Copperbelt Police Commissioner Joyce Kasosa not to abuse her office because she would as well follow her former Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani.
Mr Mtayachalo said the Police should stop abusing the Constitution under the pretext of maintaining law and order.
He said it was important that the laws enacted for the people protected their freedoms, and promote their rights, as well as their prosperity.
“Every innocent citizen should be able to freely assemble and express themselves without intimidation, because an environment without freedom is detrimental to human survival and development,” Mr Mtayachalo said.
He hoped the new Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja would serve the interest of the citizens by ensuring police officers were professional.
Mr Mtayachalo said all the police who were sympathizing with political cadres should be disciplined to curb violence.
He said the police were the ones who usually provoked the situation by breaching the law. “We want to caution Madam Kasosa that should they use force in the way they are dealing with political parties, especially on the Copperbelt where a lot of people are grieved due to job losses, she will very soon follow her for boss Madam Libongani,” Mr Mtayachalo said.