Minister’s affair with Radio Phoenix girlfriend gets nasty

Christopher Mvunga Member of Parliament and Ministry of Finance Deputy Minister
Christopher Mvunga Member of Parliament and Ministry of Finance Deputy Minister

FINANCE deputy minister Christopher Mvunga has ordered the director general of the intelligence services Samuel Nkoma to pick up his Radio Phoenix girlfriend Priscilla Chipulu for questioning with a view to destroying any ‘classified information’ which the journalist may hold against him.
On Saturday, Mvunga directed police at his Mulungushi Village Complex residence to arrest Chipulu after their love affair went bad in unexplained circumstances, but the police could not execute the orders on grounds that they failed to establish any wrong committed by the journalist.
After Lusaka Province police commissioner Charity Katanga gave a statement over what transpired at Mulungushi Village Complex, Mvunga denied having any relationship with Chipulu.
He said he only met Chipulu in North-Western Province during a ministerial tour and that she had been pestering him for an interview at his house since then.
“You know where I met this lady? I met this lady in May. We went to North-Western Province. She was part of the delegation of the journalists, that is when I saw her. I had no issue with her interviewing me. I do not know what she wanted to interview me about, and of late, I do not want to talk about interviews because there are a lot of things we are dealing with at the moment,” said Mvunga on Monday.
“What I said to the police is that I am not allowing her entry to my house. If she wants to force herself, you should arrest her. So there is nothing untold, I was having a private time with my family, so I said to her that ‘if you want to interview me, come to the office. There is no issue in you interviewing me, but you cannot just barge in to interview me as you wish’.”
But according to a recorded conversation between Mvunga and Chipulu, the minister has ordered intelligence officers to pick up the 26-year-old journalist for questioning.
In the recording, Chipulu is heard begging the minister to stop threatening her life because she had done nothing wrong, and further warned the minister that if he continues sending people to harass her, she would report him to the police.
In the same recording, Mvunga’s aunt, Agness Ngoma, is heard begging Chipulu not to expose the minister because his job is sensitive.
Below is the conversation between Mvunga and Chipulu recorded at 15:46 hours on Sunday December 6, 2015 in Lusaka.
Mvunga: Hello.
Priscilla: Hello,
Mvunga: Hello.
Priscilla: Yes, hi
Mvunga: Hi, I can hear you.
Priscilla: Yes, I was talking to my sister and she was telling me that you had a conversation with her and you were telling her that…
Mvunga: No, they had a conversation with the director general of the Office of the President.
Priscilla: From the OP?
Mvunga: Yes.
Priscilla: And then she said that there is a certain document that I got from your home?
Mvunga: Yes, this is blackmail that you are talking about, so they need to come and raid.
Priscilla: But which document are you talking about?