Man bashes best friend for wedding ex-wife


There was drama at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts yesterday when a man attacked his best friend who had just wedded his ex-wife.

Cosmas Kanhonho (40) told The Herald that he separated with his wife of 17 years Agness Manjese in 2011, after she caught him with a girlfriend, but was shocked to see her wedding his best friend Bothwell Danda at the court.

When The Herald arrived at the scene, blood could be seen in the court’s ground corridor. Sources said Danda bled from the nose after the attack.

It is alleged that when Kanhonho attacked Danda, Manjese had gone to their car to get cash to pay photographers and came only to find her ex-husband Kanhonho attacking her new husband.

She told police who immediately arrested Kanhonho that he was actually breaching a protection order granted to her in March.

Manjese also told police that her ex-husband had actually breached the order before, but was evading arrest.
Kanhonho, however, told police that Manjese was still his wife but they were just on separation.

“Danda is my best friend and I used to take care of him at my own house. I would sometimes give him money for rentals, little did I know, he was after my wife.

“We used to go together at Raylton Gym and I didn’t even suspect that he was evil. When I separated with my wife she took my car and $12 000 before taking a protection order against me and I believe this was caused by Danda,” fumed Kanhonho.

He said the incident came as a shock to him since he had come to court for another business.

Danda said he met Manjese in April this year and they fell in love thereof.

“I met my wife (Manjese) in April this year in South Africa and I proposed love to her. We fell in love and we came here just to consummate our union. I was surprised when Kanhonho attacked me soon after we had been photographed. He is a sour loser, the wife is now mine,” said Danda, who suffered a split lip during the attack.