Brothers jailed 30 years for murder of woman


THE Kitwe High Court has sentenced two brothers of Solwezi to 30 years imprisonment with hard labour for murdering an old woman on suspicion that she was a witch.
Ms Justice Chilombo Phiri on Friday sent to jail Isaiah Kalimukuya, 37, and Tyson Kalimukuya, 34, both of Solwezi, after finding them guilty of murder.
The brothers murdered Lizzy Kasusute on February 24 this year.
Reading the sentence, Ms Phiri said cases of this nature are on the increase in Solwezi and that it was the court’s duty to ensure that perpetrators are punished.
She said citizens should not live in fear because of criminals.
Ms Phiri said the prosecution had proved its case beyond reasonable doubt and that she found the two brothers guilty of murder, and convicted them of the offence.
“I sentence the two convicts to 30 years imprisonment with hard labour, and if you are not happy with my conviction, you can appeal to the Supreme Court within 14 days,” Ms Justice Phiri said.
During trial, Miriam Kasusute, 38, testified that on the material day, she was with her grandmother when Isaiah and Tyson appeared and accused her of bewitching their child and demanded that she goes with them to go and heal the juvenile.
Ms Kasusute said the Kalimukuyas dragged her grandmother to their home while beating her.
She narrated that before they reached the house, they received information that the child had died, and that it was at that point that the two convicts started kicking her in the stomach and broke all her ribs.
Ms Kasusute said when they reached home, Isaiah and Tyson placed the child on her grandmother’s laps and later smashed her head against the wall, killing her instantly.
The matter was later reported to the police who arrested the Kalimuyas and took them to court for murder.