Ng’oma forewarns of possible bloodshed in 2016

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Political Scientist Dr. Alex Ng’oma says political party leaders will be held accountable by the Zambian people for any bloodshed in 2016.
Dr. Ngóma has warned if the current political violence in the country is allowed to continue, the country is likely to experience bloodshed in 2016.
He has since called on political party leaders not to ignore calls for them to help end political violence ahead of next year’s general election.
Dr. Ngóma states that what is currently happening in the political arena is a bad indicator of what would happen in the run up to the elections next year if nothing is done.
He says it is disappointing and discouraging that political party leaders have failed to heed to the advice by various stakeholders to embrace political tolerance.
Dr. Ng’oma adds that voters should reject violent political parties in order to deter politicians from engaging in violence.