Appreciation of the Kwacha good for the economy-CAPiZ

zambia kwacha
zambia kwacha

THE appreciation of the Kwacha against the major currencies has sent hope and a sign of balancing the economy in Zambia, says the Christians Against Poverty in Zambia (CAPiZ) president Gregory Chileshe.

Mr Chileshe said it was encouraging to see that the Zambian currency balanced the economy, and that the efforts of the Government and the President to recover the kwacha must be appreciated.
He said the Zambian people should appreciate every effort that was made to ensure the smooth flow of the economy.
Mr Chileshe said it was disgracing that some Zambians had continued to criticize the Head of State when he was trying to put measures in place to save the economy.
“Let us learn to appreciate efforts that are being put in place, it is one step at a time and there is hope that all is going to be well,” he said.
He said some sections of the community were not happy to see good measures that were being put in place because their interest was to see the fall of the economy for their personal interest.
Mr Chileshe said it was the duty of every Zambians to sustain these gains and fight hard that so that the country should not be at loose again, adding that Zambians were worsening the situation through unnecessary hiking of goods.
“Now that we are fighting stability and maintenance of the currency against dollar, everybody should immediately start bringing down prices of essential commodities.
“Zambia must change, let’s fight together for the betterment of this country and continue to pray for the country, let us continue to unite and love one another in the spirit of reconciliation and God will be happy with us,” he said.
He said Zambians had been blessed by a President who was determined to develop the country, and the onus was on the people to accept the gift from God through massive support for the better Zambia.