Kabimba is a liar

Wynter M. Kabimba with Pathfinders Camporee in Livingstone
Wynter M. Kabimba with Pathfinders Camporee in Livingstone

RAINBOW Party leader Wynter Kabimba is lying that he called police in Chipata for protection after suspected Patriotic Front (PF) cadres allegedly disrupted his radio progamme at Breeze FM Radio, Eastern Province Commissioner Eugene Sibote has disclosed.

Mr Sibote said Mr Kabimba did not call the police station or any police officer in Chipata and that the police command in the region did not even know about his presence in the region.
Mr Sibote said Mr Kabimba was only politicking about his alleged attack by suspected PF cadres and that it was wrong for the Rainbow Party leader to tell lies that the police refused to respond to his request for protection.
Mr Sibote told the Daily Nation from Chipata that it was not true that Mr Kabimba called the police after he was allegedly attacked by suspected PF cadres, adding that politicians should avoid accusing the police of inertia to gain political mileage.
He explained that Mr Kabimba went to the Breeze Radio station without notifying the police and that 10 minutes into the programme, the radio station called the police that some people were damaging their property. Mr Sibote said police officers were immediately sent to the radio station but found that Mr Kabimba and his team had left and there were no cadres apart from the workers.
“Mr Kabimba never called the police when he was at the radio station and it is a lie that he was attacked. In fact the police were not even notified about his presence in Chipata and we did not even know he was appearing on radio. Mr Kabimba went to the radio station and 10 minutes into his programme, we received a distress call from the radio station that some people were threatening to destroy their property. We rushed to the scene and we did not find Mr Kabimba or his team and only workers of Breeze Radio were there. So it is not true that Mr Kabimba called the police and we could not have guesed that he was in Chipata and scheduled to appear on a radio programme without being notified,” Mr Sibote said.
He advised that political leaders should endeavor to inform the police of their activities each time they undertook to meet their members publicly because it was against the law to conduct political activities without notifying the police. Mr Sibote said the police were the right institution to advise political party leaders on the true situation on the ground and that if the politicians opted to ignore thei r advice, they should not turn and blame the police for the consequences of their actions.
Mr Sibote said politicians should at all times avoid the temptation of deliberately breaking the country’s laws in the hope of winning sympathy and political gains.



  1. It is totally wrong for a public officer to make such a statement. if one is attacked, the normal course of action is to report to the relevant authorities. so it is either the 991 line is not working or the police have no fuel. how many of us have reported issues to the police but no response has been gotten.