Nevers warns truant MMD members

MUMBA, Nevers S
MUMBA, Nevers S

MMD president Nevers Mumba has warned of stern disciplinary action against senior party officials trying to bring confusion in the party ahead of the 2016 general elections.

Dr Mumba said he was the party president and he would not entertain any nonsense from senior party officials who were trying to bring confusion at a time when the former ruling party was preparing to bounce back into government.
The former ruling party experienced internal wrangles ahead of the 2015 Presidential election because some of the party members and officials had risen against the leadership of Dr Mumba.
He warned that those who wanted to bring confusion in the party would face the wrath of his leadership.
Dr Mumba said on Monday during a meeting with district, constituency and ward leaders at Hindu Hall in Mufulira that those who wanted to bring confusion in the MMD would face the wrath of his leadership because their actions were aimed at destroying the party.
“I am the MMD party president and I will ensure that there is order. I will not brook any nonsense from those who want to bring confusion in the party. Those who want to bring confusion in the party will face the wrath of my leadership. We don’t want confusion in the party.
“There are some party officials in MMD who have stopped making contributions to the party, waiting and saying that they will contribute to the party when they become MMD president. They will not become MMD president,” Dr Mumba said.
Dr Mumba is accompanied on the tour of the Copper belt Province by deputy general secretary Winnie Zaloumis, national treasurer Elizabeth Chitika-Molobeka and Copperbelt Provincial women chairperson Edith Mataka and others.
He also said it was sad that some MMD MPs decided to support the UPND ahead of the 2015 presidential by-election, while others followed former republican President Rupiah Banda to support PF president Edgar Lungu.
Dr Mumba said the decision by some MMD MPs to support UPND and PF ahead of the 2015 presidential by-election had weakened the party, leading to his miserable loss.
He said the MMD was now strong and in a better position to contest and win the 2016 elections because it was a united force after reconciliation.
“We lost miserably in the 2015 elections because we were fighting too many battles, some of our MPs had decided to support UPND, while others decided to follow former President Rupiah Banda to support the PF and Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu.
“After fighting so many battles, I think we are now recovering and ready to contest and win the 2016 general elections. I would like to urge those who want to go and eat with the other political parties to come back to MMD. You should stop begging and instead come back to support your own party,” he said.
And Dr Mumba has said the PF would ‘‘cough blood’’ in 2016 after losing the elections because they would be thinking of how much they had invested in the campaigns.
He said PF would lose the 201 6 general elections because they had inflicted a lot of misery on the lives of Zambians starting from job losses, high price of mealie-meal and other essential commodities.
“The dark cloud is in Mufulira and the Copperbelt as a whole because of the job losses in the mining industry. So with these sufferings of the people, it will not be surprising for PF to lose the 2016 elections.
“PF will vomit blood after losing the 2016 elections because they will be thinking of how much they had put in the campaigns and only to reap an embarrassing loss. Only those who are in employment, have electricity the whole day and are buying mealie-meal at a lower price will vote for PF,” he said.