Give PF more time – Mumbi Phiri


PATRIOTIC Front (PF) deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri has asked Zambians to give the ruling party another mandate next year so that it can continue with its development programmes.
Ms Phiri said after many years, Zambia is now seeing massive infrastructure development again under the PF.
“If it was PF that took over from UNIP, Zambia would be a better place. Give PF more time and Zambia will change to be a much better and developed place,” she said.
Ms Phiri was speaking during a television programme dubbed Sunday Interview on Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation television on Sunday.
She said in the four years the PF has been in power, the country has witnessed massive infrastructure development in every sector.
“It is the PF that has linked the country through a good road network. We are building universities in every province. We are also building hospitals to take health care closer to the people,” Ms Phiri said.
She said elections are about what people are saying and it is clear that they will speak in favour of the PF in next year’s elections.
And Ms Phiri has condemned politically motivated violence.
She has, however, distanced the PF from violence saying her party is disciplined.
“Violence makes me sad. As a mother and wife, I don’t want anyone to engage in violence and as a party, we have instilled discipline in our cadres,” Ms Phiri said.
She is hopeful that the 2016 elections will be violence-free as the nation is protected by God.