‘I’ve no erection in extra marital affairs’

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A CLERGYMAN of Ndola has accused his wife of being the cause of his failure to have an erection each time he wanted to engage in extra-marital affairs.
Kenneth Makini, 51, a priest at Apostolic Faith Church in Twapia Township in Ndola said he has resolved not to engage in sexual relations with his HIV positive wife, Virginia Mambo because she has been refusing to use condoms.
Makini told senior presiding magistrates Oscar Kalaba and Rosemary Muuke that Mambo has been demanding that the couple engage in unprotected sex because he (Makini) has been doing the same with the women he has been engaging in sexual relations with.
“My wife is HIV positive, the children and I are negative. But she has been demanding for unprotected sex and even threw out all the condoms in the house. She has now used charms to prevent me from having an erection when I want to engage in extra-marital affairs. So I also moved out of our matrimonial bedroom,” he said.

Makini was narrating in a case in which his wife Mambo, 41, sued him for divorce. The court heard that the couple got married in Monze in 2008 and has two children together.
“I don’t love her anymore; she has brought a lot of problems in our marriage. I should have heeded to advice from my marriage counsellor not to marry a woman who has been divorced twice,” Makini said.
He said Mambo once reported him to church for refusing to have unprotected sex with her.
“I am an elder in the church, so I told the church elders that we cannot have unprotected sexual relations because she is HIV positive and I am not,” he said.
But Mambo complained that Makini has been starving her sexually ever since they discovered her HIV positive status.
“He is also a womaniser yet he is also scolding me because of my HIV positive status. He calls me rotten. He has completely refused to be intimate with me,” she said.
The court granted divorce noting that there is no love between the couple because of their different HIV statuses. The court ordered Makini to pay Mambo K4,000 as compensation to be paid in monthly instalments of K400 starting December month end.
Mambo who was advised against engaging in casual sex was granted custody of their two children.



  1. #Fool why did you agree when you were asked whether it would be for better or worse?a God of man busy crying out loud for an extra marital affairs damn…

  2. 2 Timothy 3:1-5- know this that in the last days had times will be here…… Men will claim to be GODLY DEVOLTED yet proving false to its power.