No food no s… as wife divorces husband

Lusaka High Court

A CHAZANGA Township woman admitted denying her husband sex because of his failure to provide food for the family.
Jessica Zulu, 23, also said her husband used to go home shaved, a sign that he had another woman he was sleeping with.
This was a case in which Jessica sued Felix Zulu, 26, for divorce after the two failed to resolve their marital disputes.
The two, who got married in 2010 and have three children, started having marital problems last year when Zulu stopped buying food for the family.
Jessica said she saw no reason to be making her husband happy by happily giving him sex when he was not buying food for her.
She said she needed energy to be able to sexually satisfy her husband but now that he was failing to provide food to energise her, he had no right to demand for sex.
However, Jessie said at one time she wanted to have sex with him but decided not to because she knew that he was shaved by another woman.
“I tried to touch my husband with the hope that he would respond but he woke up and decided to go and have sex with his girlfriend,” she said.
She said she never saw any need for her to continue feeding her husband and allow him to have sex with her.
“I believe that sex is a reward that a man gets from the wife when he is able to provide for the family,” she said.
In defence, Zulu said he was having a love affair with another woman because his wife had been denying him sex for five months.
Zulu said he still loved his wife but he found another woman because he wanted to be having sex.
He said as a married young man it was impossible for him to stay for months without sex, hence he was scared of defiling a child.
“I decided to find an elderly woman to be having sex with because if I continued enduring a sexless life, I would have ended up defiling a young girl and go to jail,” Zulu said.
Zulu said contrary to his wife’s assertions, he always provided for the family and that Jessica chased him from the bedroom, forcing him to spend nights on the couch.
Senior local court magistrate Lewis Mumba, sitting with Pauline Newa, reconciled the couple and ordered the man to start providing for the family and the woman to stop denying him sex.

Times of Zambia