Bowman Lusambo
Bowman Lusambo with daughter

As MMD youths, we feel the presence of UPND President Hakainde Hichilema’s on the Copperbelt cannot pass without a comment.
Typical of Mr Hichilema, he has found his way to the Copperbelt on a mission to mislead miners in the province that he has the answer to their plight.
What we do not find surprising is that Mr Hichilema always takes advantage of the weak in society.
Throughout his business and political life, Mr Hichilema has always preyed on the weak to his benefit. He has seen it fit to go and camp on the Copperbelt to peddle half truths because he believes the miners, in their desperation will listen to him.
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s recent trip to the region was fruitful. We know that the engagement he initiated with the mining executives has started bearing fruit and the stabilisation plan for the mining sector will soon be rolled out.
But as usual, Mr Hichilema is attempting to undo the good works that President Lungu initiated whilst on the Copperbelt by taking a cocktail of lies to struggling miners who are facing a world of uncertainty.
We challenge Mr Hichilema to come out in the open and lay down a blue print for the revival of the mining sector.
As MMD youths, all that we have heard from Mr Hichilema about how he plans to run the mining sector have been contradictions.
On a Monday, he says he will bring back Anglo American, on a Tuesday, he says he will promote local ownership of the mines.
On a Wednesday, he says his Government will increase its stake in the mines. On a Thursday, he says he will go for optimal taxation of the mines and on a Friday, he says his mining policy will be dictated by the prevailing conditions at the time.
All followers of Mr Hichilema’s public statements will attest to the fact that he has been flip-flopping on the issue of the mines.
When Zambia debated the issue of the mineral royalty tax, Mr Hichilema has usual offered somersaulting answers each time he was asked about his taxation policy for the mines.
Up to now, Mr Hichilema’s definite position on the mining sector is unknown.
If he has any, we challenge him to lay it out for national debate because we know that whatever it would be, it will be found wanting.
We do not believe that Mr Hichilema’s holds the magic bullet to resolving the challenges facing the mining sector.
The key problems facing the mining sector are global in nature.
The slump in metal prices is beyond Zambia. We know that key commodity exporters including Botswana (Gold), DRC (Copper & Cobalt), Chile (Copper & Gold) Australia (Copper, Iron, Zinc) including India (Zinc, Iron and Copper) and China (Copper) have all been hard hit by the fall in metal prices.
The decision by mining companies to place certain operations on care and maintenance is part of a global business response. Most of those decisions have little to do with the Government in power.
As MMD youths, we wish to applaud the efforts by President Edgar Chagwa Lungu to ensure business continuity and protect employee welfare even in this challenge economic environment.
The route that President Lungu has taken which promotes dialogue between Government, the unions and the mining investors is timely and commendable as it is the surest way of sustaining the mining sector.
We know that Mr Hichilema deep down his heart wishes that all the mines could close so that he could score some cheap political scores in the hope that he could win the next elections and then sell the mines on a cheap to his Anglo American friends.
We wish to tell Mr Hichilema that his evil intentions will not come to pass. Zambians now know him very well for a cheap politician he is.
The mining companies have all reaffirmed that they will not abandon Zambia because they are confident that the country presents the best investment climate possible.
Just on Monday, Konkola Copper Mines CEO Steven Din reaffirmed that Vedanta Resources Plc is in Zambia for the long haul.
Last month, Glencore A.G CEO Ivan Glansenberg told investors that Zambia is the place to go for long term investors and that his plans for Mopani are well in place.
Our appeal is to all mining players including the mine unions not to be gullible and pay audience to Mr Hichilema.
Recent history shows that he personally plundered the resources of this country by agreeing to be part and part of a flawed privatisation process which even the IMF and the World Bank have agreed was badly implemented.
So where then does Mr Hichilema get the moral authority to go and deceive the miners?
Until he truthfully answers questions about how he personally benefited from the sale of ZCCM assets to his friends for a song, he does not have the right to address our miners in the manner he seeks to do.
To the residents of the Copperbelt, our advice is that they should dismiss Mr Hichilema’s machinations with the contempt they deserve.
He does not deserve to even an audience with the people of the region because he is the one responsible for their misery.
Our humble advice to Mr Hichilema is that let him return to Southern Province and take care of his ranches than making a mockery of a precarious situation on the Copperbelt which President Lungu is delicately handling.
Issued by: Mr Bowman C. Lusambo
MMD Vice Presidential Aspirant & Kabushi Aspiring Candidate 2016.


  1. poor mmd youths who thnk praise lungu you be raised by one note no lungu iz an imbecile u cnt change him


  3. Ati mmd youths! hehehee. Making noise even in the coffin at the grave yard. Ine sikudabwa bati !!!! Dry bones still making noise.

  4. MMD youth do you think Nevers will win? don’t cheat yourselves guys just join UPND before its too late

  5. Chibuye Namalile Moses Musamba Kaunda Patrick Rodgers Mweetwa Roxanna Phiri Chiteta John Chimwang’a Sharon Mulenga Obert Musonda Evans Kaputu Grace Mwashilindi Mukosha Misheck Chiti Izaiah Mutale Mimbyaz Casius Mwewa Alberto Silva Destiny Carrier Joy Mwaba Misheck Mashawu Cleopatra Epikaizo Mutepuka Enallah Musonda Susan Musonda Aaron Daka Waku Chichi East Donald Kabashila

  6. Go there yourselves and give hope then to the miners!what do you lose,nanga ni Transport ya nyoko,a sebenzesa?

  7. Admin:u’re such a political dimwit,u are nw feeling th weight of hh and he’s giving u sleepless 9nts.Tel yo boss to cum visit cb and offer solutions to miners and stop blabing lyk a brainless chap morever frm th word go a foetus is far much better than your thinkng.Use yo brain to think nt yo toes.

    • What solution has he offered miners so far ,zero, maybe its payback time for his mistakes with Chiluba

    • u nid some education dear,i nid to pump some sense in dat empty skull over political Issues.

  8. No jokes apa,.”Ichikalipa chumfwa umwine.” Please do not write things you do not understand.

  9. Even you MMD you were removed because of the same weakness. Pf took advantage of your weakness.

  10. is MMD a party or what? havent it been submerged into the sinking boot.bowman alefyaya incito.

  11. What hope is HH giving the current or future jobless miners on the copperbelt apart from teasing them by reminding them of their’LETHAL’mistake of voting PF into power?Since he is reported to be that’RICH’,let him privatise the mines for the second time by buying them himself!Alternatively,let him employ all the redundant miners on his ranches as ‘KACHEMAS’ .However,if no such message of hope will be preached,then,your MOSES WANOMBA,is nothing but a THIRSTY POLITICAL VAMPIRE that feeds on miserable,disgruntled,poor and jobless people’s blood,bitterness and misfortune!Running a string of cattle ranches and a horde of shopping malls is very different from running a country.It requires humility,patience,a sober mind and good heartedness free of insatiable greed.Beware dear voters!

    • Just go through your comment and see if its making sense in any way.
      Surely, whats wrong with H H in comforting the jobless and the about to be, ,giving them hope and assuring them that once voted into office he will be able to turn things around than someone who stands on the platform and probably drunk telling the miners lies and misleading everyone in the country. Just after his visit in the copperbelt, people had hope that maybe the president came to sort things out, but guess what the owners of the mines have stood firm and will stick to the programme. Why? Because your so called president was told about everything even before you and i came to know about it.
      So my brother, lets give hh a chance to prove to us that he is capable of changing things and if fails to deliver then you and i will remind he of the promises he’s making now by possibly voting for someone else. We luz nothing at all.

    • Lets just unite and help change things in our country, face it, things are going bad and its you and i to turn things around by choosing the right leaders to rule this beautifully country God gave us. Let us not judge hh over fake stories you get from his enemies, NO.

    • Listen my friend #FranceSimushi …..miners were told that they will be no job cuts! They believed the statement because it came from the President himself ! Believe me u it is evident now that the job cuts will take place because it was clear in the Mopani briefing that the government agreed to the redundancy in the miners. In yo right senses how can u have the tenacity to blame HH for visiting the cooperbelt to tell the electorate what he intends to do once he becomes the President! Do no be selfish thank for the masses & be of good heart.

  12. boman u hv nevers mumba y nt teling him to go there,instead of making noise,becz u always talk nonses,and leave hh alone

  13. Hey Bowman,am sure u havent changed diappers today.If HH stays away, your toothpaste shy mouth will say”where is he? he cant even visit the miners to give them hope.Listen,if u r looking for a job,too bad.Do it quitely and let the pipo themselves judge and decide who has hope for them.If HH is wasting time,the pipo will speak thru the ballot! Its called democracy or maybe u missed the lesson in Civics.Such pipo like u dont even understand that running a country is about putting skilled pipo who can turn nothing to something.The miners r not fools,let them hear-lies or no lies,they will judge!

  14. MMD u are no longer a factor!! Shut up and sit down, chopet. U destroyed Zambia’s economy and fi PF are “summerizing” the kill. Pliz shut up!! Let HH bring hope.

    • Zonna talk is cheap ati HH giving hope to the miners what hope or solutions has he offered so far. Let him lead by example the Dangote formula maybe can work for him. Serious men have few words in their undertakings

  15. It’s the same miners who had their relatives sent to the grave by him some years back

    • @Ba Anna kasuba can u tell us how he sent them to the graves sometimes don’t just comment for the sake of people to see yo comment, how did he did sell the mines when he was not in government come on it doesn’t require u to go to back to school for u to understand between a seller(MMD government),a buyer(whoever was buying) and someone who evaluates(HH) so how did he sell?

    • The seller was guided by the valuer who later on bought shares from the same company he undervalued. Simple logic does not require you to be in Government for you to steal from the government

  16. lungu who claims to be telling the truth was jeered.That has not happened to HH. He has been welcomed. so keep the jealous and blind loyalty within your pact with pf.the people of cb are not fools.they know what’s going on.may the lord the provider be with them during these challanging times.

  17. So what if they listen to him, don’t u have something to tell them yourselves and convince the miners?

  18. Which MMD? We know who u ar. U ar jst ashamed of mentioning yo party bcoz of yo visionless leaders. Shame on u

  19. Its either hh will divide the country or he ll auction it.GBM hs jst being usd lik a porn on a chase board.let’s not experiment we r heading to a doom.

  20. Atleast he is giving them hope. Unlike the false promises they were given a few weeks ago when our president toured the copperbelt. He assured the miners they would not lose their job, but what’s the current situation?? Don’t be a hater for nothing or just convince yourself that all is well just for the Love of your party. Have a heart and put yourself in those miners’ shoes. Speak with wisdom.

    • Kindly educate us, what hope is he giving the miners which will avert or reduce their sufferings for now?

    • You may start by telling us how the promise the president made to these poor miners has been fulfilled boss.

    • Priscilla am so impressed with yo wise comment,tell these people,Hh is not the President but he’s sympathising with us miners,our President gave us an assurnce that we’ll not lose jobs,but the question is was the President telling the truth?

    • He was definitely lying coz people have lost and are still losing jobs. He lives in an illusionary world. It seems he has no clue about what really is happening in this country. I really wish you well Mr. Gregory Chululuka may God provide for you and your family