“Stop Your Lies!”, Mumbi Phiri Told


As Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD), we take great exception to claims by Patriotic Front (PF) Deputy Secretary-General Mumbi Phiri that our party president Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba is an “impostor” who was not genuinely elected to that position. This is the most nonsensical statement to come out of her mouth which seems to specialize in verbal diarrhea. She has even outdone Mr Chishimba Kamwili on this occasion!

Zambians already know that on 25th May 2012, MMD held a nationwide party convention in all the provinces at which Dr Mumba was elected in the second round with 70% of the vote by more than one thousand delegates using the 50%+1 system which is not even in use in the Zambian constitution. The vote was supervised by independent monitors and certified free and fair. No other political party can claim to have done the same.

In sharp contrast, the election of the person who appointed her as Deputy SG, Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, was marred with disorder and was a total sham. The PF convention to elect the successor to Mr Michael Sata had a lot of chaos and confusion on the dates and venue with the delegate selection process full of irregularities.

There were two separate conventions to elect Mr Lungu and Mr Miles Sampa as PF President headed by two separate factions in PF that continue to this day, despite public pretensions that all is well. We had delegates standing up and lifting their hands to elect Mr Lungu as if in a classroom, which contravenes good election procedures that require a secret ballot. The PF cannot even tell us how many people voted for Mr Lungu because no one even bothered to count them!

Ms Phiri is clearly not qualified to comment on our election process considering how confused her party is. They are allergic to democracy and since they took office on that fateful day of 23rd September 2011, they have been destroying the hard-fought democracy we as MMD introduced in 1991. PF are only interested in bringing back the one party state which the United National Independence Party (UNIP) introduced in 1973 and used for 18 years to harass, intimidate and even eliminate dissenting voices.

We have news for you Ms Phiri. You shall never succeed. Neither shall you ever succeed in tarnishing the good name of Dr Mumba whose moral standing is millions of times greater than yours. Your lies have very short legs. It is clear to all Zambians that you have no scruples about lying and you think that being a loud-mouthed “inkaka” is the pathway to being a great politician, irrespective of whatever unprintables come out of your mouth.

You are a disgrace to upcoming female politicians, especially young ones Ms Phiri. Just remain with your corrupt incompetent clueless PF which is the worst government Zambia has ever had. The PF has specialized in destroying the good economy that we left behind and all Zambians can attest to this fact.

We wish to remind Zambians that what we said on 13th November 2015 through our Eastern Province Provincial Chairman Jacob Mwanza about the fake stage-managed MMD defections in Eastern Province is true. PF has been using this formula for years and they often get people who were already expelled from MMD or resigned and they parade them before cameras claiming that they have defected. They round up poor villagers and give them small amounts of money to join the bandwagon claiming to be MMD defectors.

We hereby advise all Zambians to ignore PF defection ceremonies of opposition members forthwith. The PF have no message or strategy to take Zambia out of the mess they have put us in but the usual “Donchi Kubeba” culture of lies and deception which are coming back to haunt them in 2016.

Lengwe Bwalya
MMD National Youth Treasurer


  1. Nevers Mumba has a good name? And which economy didn’t Bwezani and his mmd croonies leave? Be serious please.

  2. Nevers Mumba has a MORAL HIGH STANDING a MILLION TIMES better than Mumbi Phiri….?? Brethren Never Mumba is a ‘THROUGH THER TEETH LIAR…!!’ His lies are so sweat that he can make it in Hollywood…..!! Trouble is he easily forgets his lies…..

  3. i guess ths iz reason why women failed in many activities bcoz thy copy everythng wthout editiding rubbish ideas

  4. Benwa mmd was doing fine, magande even reached the hipic completion point, our kwacha was stronger… the mines were doing fine with of course some good consistency policies which made a plus to investor confindence, …but l guess its now the opposite story within four years of pf …..the reason is simple no capable ministers in PF, especially the cabinet….

    • so true,nomba again if we change government it ll b the same thng cos u knw y? the same ministers v some of them left the ruling government ad joined the new parties,so it ll b more lik getn a new government wt the same incapable ministers

    • better change than getting the lazy ones being paid using tax payers money,…to enrich them.. atleast most of them will b brushed off with the change… also an expert in economics is the leader the Zambia wants now… not in law.. the issue is economy here!!!!

  5. which economy did MMD leave??when you looeted all the tax payers monies.leave madam Phiri alone