‘No Rainbow in Wynter’

ACTING President Wynter Kabimba has directed Shibuyunji District Commissioner Fanwell Mweemba to find land on which Government is to build district offices
Wynter Kabimba

IT is wishful thinking for any normal person to think about Rainbow Party forming Government next year with Wynter Kabimba as its preferred leader.

Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Davies Chama said this in reaction to continued alarming of the nation by Rainbow Party that had been making wild claims of national affairs, in a desperate bid to divert people’s attention on its shrinking membership base.
He noted that the opposition party was losing members at an unprecedented level, after people realised that it did not offer credible alternatives in terms of leadership and rendering solutions to economic affairs.
Rainbow Party First Deputy General Secretary Cosmas Musumali was quoted in yesterday’s edition of The Post newspaper that Zambia was headed for anarchy if the banning of political meetings continued.


The opposition party also claimed that Zambians were now looking for an alternative political party to rescue them from the current economic mess.
However, the Rainbow Party recently witnessed increased numbers of members defecting to the ruling party. Almost the entire Lusaka district leadership of the opposition party led by provincial chairperson Mulenga Mwiche defected to the PF last month and so had its Southern Province chairperson Simalonga Siachoona on grounds of poor leadership and intimidation.
Mr Chama said the anarchy the Rainbow Party was talking about was imaginary as President Edgar Lungu was leading the country with unity of purpose among Zambian.
“The anarchy is in their imaginations, and dreams of prophets of doom in the Rainbow Party. Dr Musumali is prophesying anarchy and for me that will never happen. This is nothing but desperation from the Rainbow leadership, they want to alarm the nation after realising that they are losing members to the PF at a fast rate,” he said.
He said President Lungu had demonstrated his desire to lead a country that was peaceful and stable for the benefit of everyone.
“And if some people are prophesying anarchy, it is them who want to bring that anarchy and an event that they were given any chance to lead the country, but as everyone knows, they will never rule this country,” he said.
He said Government was responsible enough and would not allow any situation to disturb the country’s peaceful environment.



  1. I’d rather even vote for Green Party! At least they offer solutions to economic problems unlike “ba some of us” who are hell bent on only pointing the negatives of the current administration

  2. ba chama wynter is brave to form a party. You just hijacked a party formed by ba sata and ba scott.

  3. Rainbow sure! !! Bushe kupena or Wat? forming gvnt where? which country? mulekwata amano.

  4. Ba rainbow even you think that zambians can vote for you ala vote yami cant never naba rainbow.