Serenje man jailed 17 years for defiling 6 year old

Lusaka High Court

THE Kabwe High Court has sentenced a 47-year-old man of Serenje to 17 years imprisonment with hard labour for defiling a six-year-old girl.

The court found Evans Ponda guilty by the Serenje magistrate’s court for defiling a child under the age of 16 and referred him to the High Court for sentencing.
Ponda appeared before Mrs Justice Elita Mwikisa when the matter came for sentencing on Monday.
On March 2 this year in Serenje, Ponda had unlawful carnal knowledge of the girl in Serenje.
Mrs Justice Mwikisa said cases of defilement are rampant and many children are suffering because of being sexually abused.
“You should be ashamed that at your age you take away the innocence of a child who should be your grandchild,” Mrs Justice Mwikisa said.
She said according to the facts on record on the day the victim was defiled, she developed a headache on her way home after knocking off from school.
Mrs Justice Mwikisa said the girl was left behind by her friends when Ponda pounced on her and dragged her by hand to a nearby bush where he defiled her.
She said when the girl went home, she revealed her ordeal to her mother who later reported the matter to Serenje police.
“Many children are suffering because of useless men like you who take advantage of them and take away their innocence,” Mrs Justice Mwikisa said.
She told Ponda that the offence he had committed was serious and sentenced him to 17 years imprisonment wit hard labour to reflect on his action.
And the Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal against a death sentence imposed on a 45-year-old man of Mpika who hacked his wife to death while she was asleep eight years ago, CHAMBO NG’UNI reports from Kabwe.
Mr Justice Gregory Phiri told the convict, Davison Kunda, when his appeal came up last Tuesday in Kabwe that it lacked merit.
“He picked the axe and hacked his wife after she slept and he ran away,” Mr Justice Phiri said. “There is no evidence that he was sleep-walking or that he had taken any substance to diminish his memory.”
Mr Justice Phiri also informed Kunda that his appeal had taken a long time to come before the Supreme Court because the record of proceedings had been missing.