Indeni in 30 day shutdown


Indeni oil Refinery is this Sunday, 15th November expected to shutdown at midnight to facilitate routine maintenance.

Energy and Water Development Minister Dora Siliya has told Parliament in a ministerial statement today that the shutdown will last for 30 days until 15th December.
Ms.Siliya says in preparation for the shutdown her ministry has put in place mechanisms to en sure that the supply of fuel in the country will not in anyway be disrupted as a consequence of the refinery shutdown.
She says to this effect her ministry has been and will continue to build sufficient fuel stocks to last the period of the refinery shutdown and beyond.
Ms. Siliya adds that as of 11th November 2015 the available national stock levels in the government depots in Ndola,Lusaka and Mpika is 37 days for diesel which is 76.3 million litres,18 days for petrol which 22.2 million litres and 55 days for kerosene at 2.8 million litres.
She states that the target is to have 25 days stock of petrol by 15th November,2015.
Ms. Siliya further states that during the period of the shutdown imports will continue to be brought in by suppliers.
She has since appealed to all consumers to go about their normal business without any anxiety or panic buying as the country has enough fuel for the period of the shutdown and beyond.