Zambia must prepare for floods-Bushiri


Shammah Bushiri, brother to eccentric Malawian Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has warned Zambians of impending floods.
Apostle Shammah Bushiri, resident minister for Enlightened Christian Gathering – Lusaka branch, prophesied to his congregates that claiming God has answered President Edgar Lungu’s petition during the National day of prayer and fasting.
And Bushiri has warned the Zambian government to prepare for the floods which he says will end the current power deficit.


He says God showed unto him images of Zambia’s disaster management unit trying to donate relief in most parts of eastern Zambia which included Malambo, Lundazi, Katete, Copperbelt and parts of the Western province.
Bushiri not long ago astonishingly claimed he foretold of the demise of President Micheal Sata at least 12 months before it took place.
His brother is the controversial man of the pulpit and millionaire Shepherd Bushiri, who left the Christian world thunderstruck when he claimed he had walked on thin air unaided.



  1. It’s common knowledge that in the rainy season there are floods, why should these false prophets keep cheating the zambians?

  2. Fire burn false prophets! How can we prepare for a disaster? Lets just give thanx and praises to the ancient throne! For Life, love, food and water.

  3. Lord if it is posible let this cup pass by,not my will but your will Oh GOD let that flood take place at the kariba dam we need stable power generation.

  4. thank you Lord for the floods to come so that loadshedding will be a thing of the past

  5. If this really happens then I’ll forgive him over that “walking in the air” stunt

  6. I turned ma face to the lord GOD begging fo tym to pray n to plead with fasting ,sackcloth n ashes ;i pleaded with yahweh ma GoD n made this confession :’O lord, GOD great n to b feared,u keep d covenant n hav kindness fo those who love u n keep yo commandment ;(

  7. We should pray n fast,give alms in order to pliz GOD, not in order to b honoured by men as religious persons.

  8. At prophet! After seeing the weather forecast on BBC World News last weekend. Who doesn’t know that there’s a Cyclone currently causing sporadic floads around the Indian Ocean (Eastern Coast). You’re BUSHILU, not BUSHIRI.

  9. Floods shall never be a blessing but a disaster and Loadshedding will worst than today’s.

  10. You can go to hell prophet of doom!…I have no respect for you magicians deceiving the innocent!atase…one day I will buy a gun specifically for people like you!