Saunders says current levels of thuggery should worry Zambians

Mandevu Rally - HH Dante Saunders
Mandevu Rally - HH Dante Saunders

Political Activist Dante Saunders says Zambians should be worried with the high levels of thuggery in the country.
Mr. Saunders says the confusion that characterized the Chakwela Makumbi Traditional Ceremony of the Soli people in Chongwe District where UPND and PF cadres openly clashed at the main arena should be condemned.
Mr. Saunders says the nation is preparing for the crucial 2016 general elections and that any of such forms of confusion should not be tolerated.


He wonders why certain political party leaders find it difficult to tame their cadres and tell them the importance of promoting peace and unity in the country.
He says he is worried because cadres are even taking their confusions to traditional ceremonies which should be respected by all people.
Meanwhile, Mr. Saunders says it is unreasonable for President Lungu to warn teachers for allegedly engaging in political activities.
Mr. Saunders argues that stakeholders have been calling on him to ensure that District Commissioners stay away from political activities but that no response has come from his end.
Mr. Saunders tells QFM News via telephone that the warning against teachers therefore is not welcome saying he should also warn District Commissioners.
He says the DCs have been campaigning openly and when people complain nothing is done by the Head of State to discipline them.