Hookers assault, rob magistrate

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A Zimbabwean regional magistrate lost cash and valuables worth $330 to a 21-year-old prostitute who allegedly teamed up with other prostitutes and assaulted him.

Pamela Hamandawana of Number 11 Mupani Street, Chitungwiza, appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Francis Mapfumo charged with robbery.

Hamandawana was remanded in custody to November 6 for trial.

She told the court that she had not robbed Shepherd Munjanja (34) but only knew him as her client.

“He was robbed by Chipo and Tafadzwa who handed the property to me.

“Chipo claimed that he owed her money since he had failed to pay her the night he had spent with her,” she said.

Prosecutor Mr Peter Machirika alleged that on October 26 this year, around 7am, Munjanja was sitting in his car at PirreleTyre Shop in the city.
The court heard that Munjanja was approached by a man who claimed to have a tyre and rim for sale. It is alleged that the man lured Munjanja to Treckerel Court.

The flat is used as a brothel but the man lied to Munjanja that there were offices. The man allegedly shoved Munjanja into a room where Hamandawana and two other women were waiting for him.

Hamandawana and her accomplices allegedly started assaulting Munjanja, accusing him of having raped one of them the last time he had visited the brothel.

Hamandawana and her accomplices went on to steal $156, bank cards, fuel coupons worth $179, a driver’s licence, car keys and a note pad, it is alleged.

They ordered Munjanja to go to the bank to withdraw more money. Munjanja, in the company of Hamandawana, hired a taxi and headed for Stanbic Bank. When the taxi dropped them off, Munjanja took to his heels.

Hamandawana was later arrested after Munjanja reported the matter to the police.

Only valuables worth $180 were recovered.