The snake is nothing but my grandfather’s spirit

Lusaka man found with a snake- Pic credit-mwebantu

Rabson Mkandawire aka Dr Simbazako this morning visited Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) offices to follow-up on discussions for a his certificate of possessing the reptile.
Dr Simbazako, a tradition health practioner who arrived at the ZAWA just after 11:00 hours in the company of a friend seemed high spirited and cooperative explained that the reptile is nothing but his grand father’s spirit.
“I could not come with the snake here, but as you know ‘spirits’ you need to treated with respect they deserve,” he said.
He said since he took the snake to Chingwere Cemetary over the weekend, he has faced challenges to convince the spirits to be brought to ZAWA for its certification and they have since given 21 days before they approve his request.


“Mudzimu wa ambuya wa kamba at ni ba patse 21 days. Ni bo kalipa maningi. [My grandfather’s spirit is still very annoyed, so I need to give them 21 day.
Rabson was last week arrested by Kabwata Police who later handed him to ZAWA for being in possession of wildlife namely a snake similar to a brown house snake.
The snake is docile and Rabson claims is harmless even if stamped upon.
When the story was broken it attracted a heavy of media attention as brought an interesting angle of the thing thin like between science and superstition.
ZAWA is making efforts to help him with a license to posses the reptile and give him handling guidelines so that in future the snake does not lead to public panic.