I know her but she is not my wife-Pilato speaks out

Pilato Yaku
Pilato Yaku

No matter how harder the wind blows…. it will only mess the outwards…. sometimes truth is not too hard to find…. whats hard is what to do with it when you find it. Truth is like fire, it burns even the hands that try to hide it.
Concerning the Photos that am sure many of you have come across, I must say am equally disturbed and gravely shocked.
The easiest thing for me to do right now is to claim I don’t know the person in question. …. the easiest thing to do is to say I have no connection to the person in question, the easiest also is to distance myself from her….. BUT I DON’T GO FOR EASY THINGS.
To begin with, the girl in the photos is NOT MY WIFE but that does not mean I dont know her. I knew her since her GRADE 10 to this day and minute.
Am deeply touched that she found herself in that situation and am so sure she is regretting gravely right now. I do not know what really happened and what got her involved in such a shameful episode… but such is misfortune.


WHAT HAPPENS when a good person is involved in something shameful and a picture is taken? Do they become bad instantly? Am deeply disappointed but I still think this is a good girl who’s worst moment was photographed… am hurt but I will not judge her life because of one embarrassing moment. She’s stood when things were very bad for me and am obviously not distancing myself from her.
She’s not my wife am sure those that know my wife are just laughing at it all.
Those looking for easy truths will always be victims of those that speak with fire in their mouths.