Trespasser shot dead


A ZAMBIA National Service officer of 10 Miles has allegedly shot dead a 19-year-old man of Manyama village in Chief Mungule’s area and assaulted another.

The incident happened on Friday between 21:30 hours and 22:30 hours.
Lusaka Province police commissioner Charity Katanga said in an interview that the officer, identified as Staff Sergeant Leonard Mutambo, 35, while on duty at the ZNS base, shot Braden Mulenga for trespassing on the military base.
“The victim was in a group of five coming from a nearby market when they decided to use a short-cut. When the five were interrogated by the officer, they tried to run away and in the process Mulenga was shot,” Mrs Katanga said.
She said the officer, using an AK47 rifle butt, allegedly assaulted Robert Mulenga, who is the victim’s brother.