Lusaka man found with a live snake, taken to police

Lusaka man found with a snake- Pic credit-mwebantu

WEIRD but true, a man who run over a woman this morning in Lusaka, was discovered to have a snake on him after he was taken to a police station for a statement.
There was commotion near the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) after a man was found with a snake believed to have been used for witchcraft purposes.
The unidentified man bashed a woman but the injuries sustained however turned out and looked like a snake bite.
He however swiftly bolted for safety after the incident but a mob later apprehended him after the bizarre accident.
It was however when he was taken to the UTH Police Post that the snake slithered out of his shirt much to the consternation of the officers that were questioning him.
The man later pushed the serpent back but it again emerged ready to protect him and attack those who attempted to lay hands on him
Bewilderment and chaos reigned supreme as passers-by surrounded the place to get a closer view of the snake and its owner. Others were busy taking photos from the onset and managed to capture pictures of the snake.



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