Mumbi Phiri must learn to respect her husband


THERE is need for alangizi to sit PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri down and teach her how to respect her husband and men in general, says Levy Ngoma.

And Ngoma, the Sinda MMD member of parliament, says easterners are not tribal people and will not vote for President Edgar Lungu just because he comes from their region.
Commenting on Mumbi’s statement that she regrets having children from Eastern Province because people in the region have rejected President Edgar Lungu, who is their own son, Ngoma wondered why Mumbi was fond of undressing and insulting men.
“It’s very unfortunate that a high-ranking official of the PF can issue such disparaging remarks against easterners. One wonders how Mr Phiri (Mumbi’s husband) is feeling about this, because for a wife to just go out there and undress him in public, that is not a good thing. As relatives of Mr Phiri, we feel for him and we just want to appeal to him to sit his wife down because this is a complete loss of manners, etiquette and culture that she can sink so low to undress him in public,” he said.
“I think maybe, for lack of a better term, one would say I don’t think she is really… her mental faculties are not very well placed. For her, one would say that this is a clear case for alangizi (traditional counsellors) to come in and sit down with her and ask why she is fond of insulting the menfolk in this country.”
Ngoma said it was not unusual for Mumbi to issue disparaging remarks against innocent citizens.
“Not long ago, we saw how she undressed the UPND vice-president (Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba), saying that she doesn’t like men with potbellies because if she wants to see whatever she would want to see, she would have to kneel down. That was completely undressing somebody’s husband in public. So, for a lady who holds a high position in the PF, we don’t expect such from her. Even in that statement, if you read between the lines, not only was she undressing GBM, she went on to say that ba Lungu tabakwata ulufumo (President Lungu doesn’t have a potbelly)… she was also equally insulting the President in such a derogatory manner,” he said.
“Now she is insulting her own husband and goes on to insult an entire region. That literally shows you the type of leaders we have in the PF. Before they utter a word, they literally do not think. They do not put a thought to it. Whatever comes in their mouth, they utter it.”
Ngoma said easterners are not tribal and would never be persuaded to vote on tribal lines.
“It is unfortunate that she wants to push people in that regard. For easterners, what matters is quality, what matters are programmes and that it is ‘One Zambia, One Nation’. If there is a political party that is so tribal in nature, it is the PF. That tribalism that is obtaining in the PF, please don’t try to force it down the throat of the people of Eastern Province. They would want to claim that other political parties are tribal when they are the ones who are tribal. I have been accosted by friends in the PF saying that, ‘You, why don’t you support uwakumwenu’ (your fellow easterner),” said Ngoma.

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