Evangelist’s wife confess to having sex with her father in her dreams

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A VIOLENT Lusaka evangelist has escaped divorce after he pleaded with his wife in the Kanyama local court not to leave the matrimonial home.
The court also heard how prayer caused the evangelist’s wife to confess having sex with her father in her dreams.
Cosmas Sitenge, 41, an evangelist from New Apostolic Church in Kanyama Township knelt before his wife, Miriam Mutumba, 33, of the same church and area pleading with her to reconcile with him instead of divorcing him.
Sitenge told his wife shortly before submission time that he regretted having been violent to Mutumba and promised to never mistreat her again.

“From deep down my heart, I am really troubled and sorry for whatever I have done to you and I promise I will never beat you again. Please mama, let us stop drinking beer and start a new life,” Sitenge said causing laughter in court.
This is a case in which Mutumba sued Sitenge for divorce for being violent and accusing her of having sex with her father in a dream.
The two got married on June 15, 2001 and have three children together.
Sitenge paid lobola but only enjoyed marriage for a short time.
Mutumba told the court that her husband was so rude that there was a time when Sitenge fractured his wife’s left arm when the two picked up a quarrel.
Mutumba said Sitenge once knocked off her tooth during a dispute, which was later replaced by an artificial one.
“He even broke my rib. There was a time when he struck my eyes, making them get swollen.
“The worst of all is that he even told me that a witchdoctor told him that I was having sex with my father whenever I went to sleep. He also told me that even if I had a child it would die,” Mutumba said.
In defence, Sitenge told the court that he really loved his wife but the problem was that she was a drunkard.
Sitenge also said his wife used to moan and groan as if she was having sex and yet she was asleep and he surprisingly used to find semen on her private parts.
“One day when it occurred I prayed and she started shouting her father’s name that he was the one who was having sex with her and after the demon left she slept as if she was dead,” Sitenge said.
Senior local court magistrate Serah Nyendwa, sitting with Ackim Phiri and Daniel Phiri, adjourned the matter to a later date.
“Since your wife said she can give you another chance, as an evangelist, you go and reflect but ensure that you stop going to witchdoctors, you are a pastor,” Ms Nyendwa said.
Ms Nyendwa ordered Mutumba to submit herself to her husband and desist from playing around with unmarried women if she wanted her marriage to remain intact.