Mother, two kids burnt to death


Two children and their mother in Silifwambili village in Mbila area in chief Shezongo’s area in Itezhi Tezhi district in Central Province have been burnt to ashes after a grass house they were sleeping in caught fire.

The bodies of the children were completed churned by the fire that consumed their dwelling shelter and nothing was retrieved from the house.

The incident happened in Silifwimbi village, about 80 kilometres form from Itezhi Tezhi town.

Milandu Miyoba, father of the children confirmed the incident to ZANIS crew that rushed to Silifwambili village in Itezhi Tezhi.

Mr Miyoba named the deceased children as Mary, aged three years and 18-months Phoebe and the mother as Eness Miyoba, 22.

Mr Miyoba explained that the incident happened around 7:00 hours yesterday after he left the house for the bush to cut grass for thatching his house.

He said he was barely an hour in the bush when people followed him and told him about the incident.

“We have just shifted from a nearby village. I went to cut grass in the nearby bush so that I could thatch my house and in less than an hour people followed me in the bush and told me about the incident,” Mr Miyoba explained.

He explained that the mother was cleaning the yard and after she swept the dirt from the house, she decided to burn it but unfortunately the shelter in which the children were sleeping caught fire.

Mr Miyoba said his wife threw herself in the burning shelter in an effort to rescue her children but ended up consumed by the inferno together with the children.

He she rushed to nearest hospital at Macha hospital but the burns she sustained were to deep and she died on arrival at the hospital.

As the ZANIS crew arrived in Silifwimbi village, the burial of the two completely charred bodies had not yet taken place as they were waiting for the body of the mother so they could bury them at the same time.