Conjoined Siamese twins die

Siamese twins

The conjoined Siamese twins admitted to the University Teaching Hospital last week have died.
UTH Managing director Lackson Kasonka confirmed on Saturday, that they died around 02:40 hours from unknown causes as the hospital was still carrying out medical examination to understand their medical condition.
Dr Kasonka said the hospital had very scanty information about the twins’ condition and health as they were not delivered at the facility.

“We have very scanty information about the twins because they were not born here. They were just brought to us from another hospital which carried out the delivery.
“Normally, Siamese pregnancies must be diagnosed before they are even delivered but for these, there was no prognosis that they were Siamese and that could have lead to various complications at delivery, especially that they were born naturally,” he said.
Dr Kasonka explained that hospital investigations were inconclusive of their actual health condition because different tests were still underway to ascertain their state of health.
The twins were joined from the bottom and shared a naval.
They were delivered at Batoka Hospital in Southern Province and were the second set of twins of Christine Musaka and her husband Lasford Sibaumba, both peasant farmers from Singani area Choma district.