Businessman ordered to pay K7000 for sleeping with married woman

Lusaka High Court

A LOCAL Court in Lusaka has ordered a businessman to pay K7000 as compensation for adultery.
Senior Court Magistrate Daniel Phiri sitting with Magistrate Ackim Phiri at Kanyama Local Court ordered Samson Tembo, 35, a businessman of Kanyama compound to compensate Osborne Ngoma, 27, unemployed, of the same compound for committing adultery with his wife, Florence Ng’andu, 25.
Ngoma told the court that left for the village in September and his return the children told him that his wife came home with a certain man who slept in the house.
He explained that when he asked Ng’andu she got annoyed and started renting a house alone.
Ngoma said that the other day he went to Ng’andu’s house at 05.00 hours and found her sleeping with Tembo. He confiscated a vest which he showed the court as his evidence.
In defence, Tembo said that when he met Ng’andu in August she told him that she was not married but had two children from her previous marriage in Monze


He explained that when they met again he gave her a pair of trousers and a shirt to wash and put on the line to prove that she was not married.
Tembo said that Ng’andu gave him conditions to be buying her food or she would look for another man. He further told the court that the other day when he went to Ng’andu’s house he did not see the pair of trousers or shirt of a man an indication that she was not married.
“Next time when I went to sleep at Ng’andu’s house I was surprised because at 05:20 hours Ngoma entered the bedroom after talking to Ng’andu outside and squeezed my neck while I was sleeping,” he said
Ng’andu told the court that Ngoma was her husband and that Tembo was her boyfriend. She explained that on August 25, when Tembo met her she told him she was married and has two children but he insisted that he had fallen in love with her.
Ng’andu added that as they continued to see each other she accepted the proposal and that she was caught by Ngoma sleeping with Tembo in the house.
Ng’andu admitted that Ngoma paid dowry and that it was the first time to sleep with Tembo when she was caught.
Magistrate Daniel Phiri found Tembo guilty of the offence and ordered him to compensate Ngoma with initial payment of K1000 followed by monthly instalments of K400.


  1. Very Little Sum. I dont think her husband will continue loving her as his wife. End of the journey.

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