Politics, Prayer and Reconciliation: United we stand divided we fall

power of prayer
power of prayer

Dear Editor,

In his first to the National Assembly as President of Zambia. Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu declared October the 18th this year as a day of Prayer, Fasting, Reconciliation and Forgiveness. A day that has not be accepted by everyone especially the United Party for National Development(UPND). It’s leader Mr Hakainde Hichilema aka HH accused the ruling Patriotic Front(PF) of mocking God by calling for such a day.

According to the leader of Zambia’s second largest opposition party President Lungu was not in order for him to call for the National day of Prayer and Reconciliation as there are a lot of elements which were to be looked at before observing such a day. HH and UPND said they will only attend the event only if their conditions are met. Okay “nice one”.

I understand UPND as an organisation in their right. But for me Prayer and Reconciliation is beyond Politics. We live in a world where we differ in a number of things. Culture, race, sex, political affiliation or religion all define us in different ways. We also have people who don’t believe in God. However, the most important thing is to embrace everyone no matter what such an individual or group stands for. As I said the day of prayer is beyond politics and here is why I think so.

-Prayer and Family-
As a Christian I believe that God has always watched over us. I think this is so for people who believe in God whatever the doctrine, denomination or religion. When the family has differences individuals or the whole family prays for love, peace and success in a family. Happy or united families make happy communities. Happy and united communities make or rather result in a strong society.

In this regard I believe the prayers are not only for the nation. But also for families and communities. You may say we pray everyday about our family. Fine! If you pray everyday why do you go to fellowship with others on Saturday or Sunday. One of the reasons is that we want to meet with people who believe in the same call. People we feel that if we unit together in prayer we can move mountains together.

United families or communities in their homes or churches, mosques mandir or temples means there is a strong force of power when those prayers are being offered hence the answer is big. As much as we want to have a successful country we also need united families. HH and his followers should not be selfish. Just because they don’t want to pray for peace and love in the families and nation it doesn’t mean others don’t. I am 100% sure that even within UPND there are people who think HH’s call is a wrong call and he will live to regret it. Everything doesn’t evolve on him and politics.

-Reconciliation and Forgiveness: Families need it too-

ince this day was called almost everyone’s focus or thinking has evolved on politics and how 18th October is going to solve our problems as a nation. From my understanding all current problems be it at individual, family or national level have been caused by past mistakes, selfishness, how someone was raised and how focused or unfocused one was in the past.

Why do I say so? If you look at ourselves, our siblings, our friends or even our politicians. It is without doubt that our childhood and upbringing has a very big impact in how we behave now. That bitterness, that envy or that joy and that happiness did not come on its own. That selfishness or that spirit of giving and sharing did not come from a tree. Someone, situations or people aided those elements.

Reconciliation and forgiveness now our families and country will have a sound and just society. The 18th of October is very important for families with issues of love and hate. Whether you believe or not we all need reconciliation. Politician or not we all need forgiveness and to forgive so that we move on. Rich or not we all need love, peace and joy.

Why should we even pretend and politicise the day of prayer when we know deep down our hearts how this day can help us to remove that bitterness, misunderstanding with that brother, sister, boss or workmate. Pride on the 18th October should come last or not even exist. Get on a bus, car or whatever mode of transport and go face that daughter, son, daddy, aunt or grandparent whom you have a beef with.

.People will say citizens are bitter, not happy and don’t forgive because they can’t eat well or because they can’t send their children to collage. While. I know a lot of people who are rich, successful. I know people who eat every well and heading big organisations and political parties but they are bitter, full of hate and envy.

So it doesn’t matter your state or status in life we all need reconciliation and forgiveness. If you can fast even staying away from that thing that you love most for the seek of peace, love, forgiveness and reconciliation in our families, communities and country. Please do it.

Remember, united we stand divided we fall. However let us not judge those who choose otherwise. It’s a free call everyone is invited.

-Reconcile with Oneself-

Lastly for me this day is a day that will help me reconcile with myself. Some of us have cursed ourselves, blamed ourselves for the things which are happening or not happening in our lives. We all have different back grounds but this doesn’t me we should not move on and seek peace within yourself

Enjoy the weekend and happy Prayer, Fasting, Reconciliation and Forgiveness day Zambians wherever you are.