Burning down of our family lodge was both tribal & political-Kaingu

former MMD party vice-president for politics Michael Kaingu
Michael Kaingu

Higher Education Minister Michael Kaingu has alleged that the burning of his lodge in Choma was an act of arson.
Speaking at a Media briefing in Lusaka yesterday, Dr Kaingu said that he wants the police to investigate the matter in which Kozo lodge, which belongs to the Kaingu family, was recently burnt to ashes.
Dr kaingu said that he suspects the fire was started by political activists in the area who do not want him to work with the PF government.
Dr Kaingu said that the burning is both tribal and political.
Dr Kaingu said that the business was built over a period of 18 years and the torching of the place was shameful.
Dr Kaingu further said that there was no way a small fire can burn all the rooms at the lodge, before adding that the fire was properly organized to torch all the rooms.